Ballo Dressage Stables

Ballo Dressage Stables

We own the mares. You choose the stallion

Ballo Dressage Stables offers the use of their mares for breeding via embryo transfer, using frozen semen.
We sell the embryo at a set fee per embryo. The purchaser is responsible for all the associated veterinary and livery fees including insemination, flush, transfer of the embryo, scans and the lease of the recipient mare from the clinic.
Depending upon the mares competition demands one or other maybe available earlier in the season.
There is a choice of skilled embryo transfer veterinarians within close proximity of our property who are known for their experience and success in embryo transfer breeding.
We believe the mare is the 'key' to breeding a willing partner for sport. One who has the trainability and disposition to work with the rider and the natural paces to perform at the top level.

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